Shopping Centres and Tenants Near to 8 St Thomas

It’s a freehold residential development which is found next to the Greatworld City station of MRT as well as Orchard’s heart. The condo has unique and modern facilities that will give you a luxurious stay at the residence. The residence boasts of Singapore River views and beautiful gardens around. For buyers who want a big space for their home, they should not hesitate to visit the residence.

Shopping Centers Next To 8 St Thomas

The 8 St Thomas is surrounded by numerous shopping centers which make the shopping experience unique for the residents. Among the famous shopping centers near to this freehold residence include:

It’s a complex shopping center which provides all sorts of items to the residents of 8 St Thomas Bukit Sembawang. It’s located in a convenience and accessible area by the residents. There are various supermarket and food joints located within this mall thus making it a stopover shopping point for every resident living around. It’s a famous shopping arcade mostly loved by the young generation. It has numerous movie centers where residents flock for entertainment.

Tenants at 8 St Thomas Condo Great World City

It has various tenants which give full-blown youthful lifestyle. Among these tenants includes; karaoke lounge, koufu food among other eateries and beverages outlets. The shopping center is located in the middle of the city thus making it ideal for youth. Other popular shopping centers next to 8 St Thomas include Scape and Somerset City just naming a few.

Learning Institutions Located Near To 8 St Thomas

Education facilities are among the top factors of consideration when selecting a living place. The residence is surrounded by elite schools that will give your children top quality education.
These schools are few minutes walk thus saving learners time which they can invest fully in their education. Among schools located next to 8 St Thomas include; River Valley, Alexandra, Zhangde primary schools as well as Tanglin, Chatsworth, Orchard, Little Stars and Aventis schools just to mention a few.

When children stay near to school is very advantageous. It helps them travel less, have more time for tuition and rest at home after school. Moving from one place to another when living at this residence is eased. There are various means of transport which connect the residence with other parts of Singapore. Among them including Orchard way, Buses as well as railway transport.

This freehold is a beautiful place where everyone is admiring to live. Why are you hesitating to join the forces? Residence will enjoy world-class features, numerous amenities among other great things located next to it.

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