Marymount MRT Station Shunfu Ville Jade Scape Condo

The development of Jade Scape Condo has brought about a lot of beauty on the former Shunfu Ville. Qingjian Realty won the Jade Scape Condo tender and is determined to see the project become a success. The residents of Jade Scape Condos will be able to enjoy facilities such as a gym, a swimming pool, tennis court among others. Jade cape is located in Bishan area. Shunfu Ville Jade Scape Condo will be one of the best selling projects located near to The Marymount MRT Station. This is one of the most attractive parts of the city. It is full of markets and has a very beautiful view too. It offers an easy access to the urban centers. In terms of a real estate asset, this project is the real deal.

Jade Scape Condo Qingjian Realty Singapore

One of the challenges with this project is that some unit owners who backed out of the original deal. They refused to sell their units. Of course, with this kind of a situation, the Realty Company cannot start building until the issue is sorted out. According to Qingjian Realty Company’s plan, they wanted to demolish the current building and rebuild it adding more storeys. However, the Urban Redevelopment Authority has advised that they should not build more than 23 storeys. All in all, the Manager of Qingjian hopes that very soon, all the arising issues will be sorted and that they can commence building the condos.

The housing market in Singapore is expected to hit a snap in 2019 after the sale of new private homes reached it’s highest in 2018. The report from DBS predicts a decline of 20% per year to 7500 to 85000 unit sales for the entire 2019. The prices for the units are also expected to reduce by approximately 3%. After the cooling measures were introduced in July 2018 to moderate the then-robust market, the initial sales slowed to an average of 500-800 unit sales per month. The sales market is expected to maintain the regular sales regime into the entire 2019. Jadescape has a lower pricing than other developments and hence will be highly sought after in the development.

Jadescape Condo Shunfu Ville Enbloc Singapore

Location of Jade Scape Shunfu Ville
It is lcated in a strategic location with a lot of amenities. For instance, there are schools such as:
· Catholic high school
· Raffles Institution College
· Raffles institution secondary school
· Whitley secondary school

With this, the residents don’t need to worry about taking their children to school. The Thomson Plaza and Shunfu Mart Food Center are also around to cater for the shopping needs of the residents. It is also in a very organized site which allows for residents’ in and out movement. Public transport is available as well thereby making the location more accessible. Jade cape has a wide range of amenities to offer. The establishment will have its own supermarket to cater for all the residents’ shopping needs such as grocery. At a distance of 1km, there will be reservoir parks. These will be weekend spots for families.

Jade Scape Qingjian Shunfu Ville Marymount MRT Station

The good news is some units will get a view of the MacRitchie reservoir for Jade Scape Qingjian Realty, a very beautiful place especially for those who love nature. The floor plans are simply incredible. With Qingjian Realty, you can get up to 4 bedroom units. The floors are built in a way that they are facing either the Shunfu Road or the Marymount Road. At the Jadescape Condo, you get value for your money. Whichever unit you would like to buy, the Realty Company is yet to give prices of each unit. Urban housing has proven to be a very Lucrative business in Singapore. In addition, for this reason, there is a lot of development and redevelopment going on. People are now able to own apartment, which in the past was more like just a dream.

Well, Jade Scape Condo Marymount is the ideal place to live. With all the amenities available, why wouldn’t anyone wish to move and settle down there? It is located in a very attractive location and has a lot to offer!…

The Verandah Residences Freehold Development Haw Par Villa MRT Station

The Verandah Residences Haw Par Villa MRT Station, located right in the middle of Pasir Panjang Road is a new residential development by Oxley Holdings limited. The project land is located at 231 Pasir Panjang Road and was successfully brought by Oxley Amber, a wholly owned subsidiary of Oxley Holdings along with Casuarina Properties. The development comes with several amenities and facilities that are close to the development.

Verandah Residences Oxley Holdings Singapore

5 Reasons to Choose Verandah Residences
1. Near to West Coast Road
The Verandah Residences is a prime residential development that is located close to West Coast Park and together comes with several amenities. The West Coast Area has several facilities like shopping centres, eateries, multiplexes, etc and successfully connected with other parts of the city.
2. Located at 231 Pasir Panjang Road
The Verandah Residences condo is located at 231 Pasir Panjang Road and has several facilities in its vicinity. Popular facilities like Star Vista, West Coast Plaza, Vivo City all are strategically located and is just a few minutes’ drive away from the development. The development is also close to Kent Ridge Park and Hort Park where numerous outdoor facilities are available for the families of The Verandah Residences 231 pasir panjang road.

The Verandah Residences 231 Pasir Panjang Road Singapore

The Haw Per Villa MRT Station is also just a few minutes of walk away from the project. The are also several buses available throughout on the Buona Vista Road and West Coast Highway. The project is also near to some of the top schools in the city like River Valley High School, Tanglin Trust School and Fairfield Methodist Primary School.
3. Near to West Coast Plaza
West Coast Plaza is 3-storey mixed development consisting of retail shopping centres. There is approximately 160,000 square feet of retail space available in the development for the residents of The Verandah freehold condo to shop around after finishing their work. West Coast Plaza has over 100 shops with various offerings right from fashion to restaurants are available at the development. The mall also consists of child enrichment zones as well as body wellness centres.

The Verandah Residences Freehold Development Haw Par Villa MRT Station

4. Near to The Star Vista
The Verandah Residence is also close to The Star Plaza, one of Singapore’s iconic shopping gateways located right next to the Buona Vista MRT Station. The mall is trendy thanks to its modern architecture and extremely popular among the youth of Singapore.
The mall is currently surrounded by almost 400,000 residents located nearby including residents of Buona Vista locality and the students and office employees in The Metropolis. There is also ample parking space inside the mall to attract large crowds as well as plenty dining options available inside the mall, which is just a couple of minutes’ drive away from the project.
5. Close to National University of Singapore
The Verandah Residences Oxley Holdings Limited is also close to National University of Singapore, which is Singapore’s largest university and offers one of the most comprehensive curriculum in the field of arts, sciences, law, medicine, etc. The university ranked number 1 in Asia and mostly a research oriented university. National University of Singapore is extremely popular thanks to its practical teaching approach as well as preparing their students as a well-rounded individual before entering into the working sphere.…