Bukit Batok’s Green Makeover: Enhancing Streetscaping and Park Connectors in the Master Plan

The Bukit Batok district of Singapore has been undergoing a green makeover as part of its master plan. This plan aims to enhance the streetscaping and park connectors in the area, and create a more liveable and sustainable urban environment for residents.

The master plan includes the construction of new park connectors, which will link the existing parks and green spaces within the district. These connectors will offer a safe and comfortable way for people to walk and cycle between different areas of the district. The new park connectors will also increase the overall green cover in the district, providing more shade and cooling down the area.

The streetscaping of the district will also be improved, with new roads and pedestrian paths being built. The roads in the district will be redesigned to be more pedestrian-friendly, with wider sidewalks, better lighting, and more benches and seating areas. The pedestrian paths will be landscaped with trees and shrubs, and will be linked to the park connectors.

The master plan also includes the creation of green spaces and community gardens in the district. These spaces will be open to the public, providing a place for people to relax and enjoy the outdoors. The green spaces and community gardens will also help to improve air quality in the area and provide a better environment for residents to live in.

Overall, the green makeover of Bukit Batok is set to improve the district’s streetscaping and park connectors, creating a more liveable and sustainable urban environment. This will enable the district to become a more attractive and inviting place for people to visit and live in.

Bukit Batok, located in the west of Singapore, is undergoing a green makeover in order to enhance the streetscaping and park connectors in the area. This master plan involves the installation of various green features such as green walls, rain gardens, green roofs, and green corridors.

The green walls are designed to provide a pleasant view and improved air quality to the area. These walls are made from plants and trees that are selected specifically for their ability to absorb pollutants from the air. The green roofs will also help to provide shade, reduce the heat island effect, and improve air quality.

The rain gardens are intended to collect and store stormwater runoff, which will help reduce the risk of flooding in the area. The green corridors will provide a safe and pleasant walking route through the area. These corridors will be lined with trees and plants that have been carefully selected to provide shade and to reduce the impact of noise pollution.

The master plan also includes the creation of a park connector network that will link Bukit Batok to other parts of Singapore. This will provide an easy and convenient way to travel between different parts of the area.

In addition to the green features, the master plan also includes a wide range of other improvements. These include the provision of more recreational facilities, the installation of lighting and signages, and the development of more pedestrian-friendly pathways.

Overall, the green makeover of Bukit Batok will improve the quality of life for local residents and visitors alike. The green features will help to create a more pleasant and healthy environment, while the park connector network will provide an Bukit Batok EC easy way to travel around the area. This master plan is a great example of how a green makeover can help to create a better urban environment.

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