Government Land Sales 2023 Launching Tengah Plantation Loop EC

Located in the northeastern part of the island of Tengah, this is the first EC awarded in the region in more than two decades. With 100% car-free zones, the planned town features underground roads, an amphitheater, and a natural water feature.

First EC to be awarded in two decades

EC is an acronym for Evergreen Forest Town. It is a new town in Singapore that focuses on eco-friendly features. It is a pioneer for nature-themed metropolis living. It incorporates smart energy management, automated waste collection, and other green features. The community is also ensuring that all homes are smart enabled.

Tengah Town has undergone a lot of development in recent years. The expansion has brought in local residents and workers, and created new schools, government offices, and other facilities. It also transformed the port into a shipping facility. It became the trading center for the region.

Tengah EC is located near the proposed car-free town center. It has a community centre, a sports hub, and several facilities. It also has an MRT station that is a short walk away. It has a total of 615 units over 22,020 square meters. The homes are also fully eco-friendly. They feature green roofs, rainwater collection systems, and automated waste collection.

Planned town with 100% car-free zones

Opticos Design, the company that redesigned the famous downtown Los Angeles mall, is also responsible for the creation of a planned town with 100% car-free zones. While this feat of urban planning may have eluded them, the folks at Culdesac were smart enough to hire Opticos to oversee their post-car-renovation master plan. Opticos’ execs are tasked with the task of figuring out how to make the magic happen. In a nutshell, the plan entails a large-scale overhaul of the neighborhood’s paved surfaces. It also involves a major overhaul of its public transportation infrastructure. The good news is that the project is expected to be completed by the end of the year, thanks to a combination of public and private funds.

The company’s spokesman said it is a “complex and time-consuming project.” The company is already working on a plan to convert a formerly four-lane boulevard into a pedestrian-only affair, with a first-phase completion date of 2020.

Amphitheatre, natural water features

EC is a type of condominium which is ideal for first-time buyers. It is also more affordable than other types of condos and maintenance costs are low. ECs are close to public transport, shopping malls, and other facilities.

ECs are built using eco-friendly materials and technologies. They are located in areas that are close to nature and are ideal for families with children. ECs will feature green features such as an amphitheatre, natural water features, and bicycle paths. A central park is planned for Tengah Plantation Loop EC. The park will have a hiking trail and a 1.5-kilometre forest fringe walk to connect the town centre and the housing estates. The park will also feature dedicated planting areas.

The ECs are connected to upcoming MRT stations, making it easy for residents to get around. It will also be the first smart-enabled town in Singapore. ECs will also feature centralised energy software systems, which will help optimise energy use for buildings. The software will also help citizens monitor their water consumption.

Underground roads

Taking a page from Boston’s Big Dig, which rerouted an elevated highway underground, the Tengah Plantation Loop EC will feature car-free town centres and pedestrian roads. It will also boast a nature reserve and energy-efficient cooling systems. It will feature a central park with a scenic waterfront promenade, as well as a hiking trail and natural water features.

The Tengah Plantation Loop EC is a highly sought after development. It is located in a mature estate in Bukit Batok. It is also adjacent to several greeneries and parks. It will feature a central park, as well as five kilometers of walking and biking paths.

Tengah’s Park District is envisioned to be Singapore’s first “car-free” town centre. Residents will be able to use a mobile app to monitor water consumption and manage their bills. They will also be able to view other blocks’ use of resources.

Community farmways

Developed by City Developments Limited, Tengah Plantation Loop EC is a unique and innovative new township. The estate is located near the Pan Island Expressway, and is in close proximity to shopping malls, schools, parks and expressways. This new development is also a great choice for commuters.

Tengah EC will feature a town centre Tengah Plantation EC with a car-free environment. This eco-town will boast energy efficient cooling systems, automated waste collection, green infrastructure and community farmways. It will also feature dedicated planting areas. Tengah’s town centre will also be home to the first ever “car-free” town centre. This project will also be Singapore’s first sustainable smart township.

Residents will also have access to the town centre via a 1.5 km forest fringe walk. This will connect the town centre and housing estates. Tengah’s government will also be working to preserve the natural forest environment. It will include open spaces for urban farming, a community farmway, a community farm, a central catchment nature reserve and a sports hub.

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